The iXhash plugin for the SpamAssassin


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A short list of the currently available hash data:

    The hashes available in this zone derive from emails that the original NiX Spam code computed from spam reaching the Heise Verlag server. Nowadays other donated spam data (e.g disused email accounts) is being used as well.
    The German ISP provides hosting and distribution to over a dozen mirror servers.
    This zone also contains IPs and can be used as a DNSBL using something like:
    		header RCVD_IN_NIXSPAM		eval:check_rbl('nixspam', '')
    		describe RCVD_IN_NIXSPAM	NIXSPAM: sender is on NiXSpam RBL
    		tflags RCVD_IN_NIXSPAM		net
    		score RCVD_IN_NIXSPAM		0.1
    More info can be found at

    Zone provided by, err, me.
    This is basically where it all started. This zone contains data from my own, limited spam sources as well as from data contributed by people who do not want their commitment to be publicly known.
    If you use '' and '', you should dump those and use that zone instead.