The iXhash plugin for the SpamAssassin


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Configuration example

An example configuration file that would enable all currently available iXhash zones.
It assumes you have downloaded the Perl module and placed it in /etc/spamassassin/.
Change path to if necessary.
		loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::iXhash  /etc/spamassassin/

		body            GENERIC_IXHASH eval:ixhashtest('')
		describe        GENERIC_IXHASH iXhash found @
		tflags          GENERIC_IXHASH net
		# adjust score as you seem fit
		score           GENERIC_IXHASH 0.01

		body            NIXSPAM_IXHASH eval:ixhashtest('')
		describe        NIXSPAM_IXHASH iXhash found @
		tflags          NIXSPAM_IXHASH net
		# adjust score as you seem fit
		score           NIXSPAM_IXHASH 0.01